Work With Me

Hi, my name is Chris Zielski.

I’m an artist, educator, and entrepreneur. I help artists and makers navigate their professional creative journey.

Creative work is tricky. There’s no single path to success. There’s only the path that’s right for you – and I can help you find it.

My superpower is distilling the hard stuff into something you can wrap your arms around.

What do I offer?

Experience and empathy.

I’ve been an artist for 25 years, a creative business owner since 2007, and prior to that spent 8 years as a professional educator. I’ve written several creative business books, and teach a variety of workshops and classes. When it comes to creative work, I’ve done everything from massive corporate commissions to small meaningful pieces.

Plus, I’ve done the hard stuff.

Like reinventing myself after being downsized during a recession. Like juggling raising a daughter as a single mom while running a business. Like finding my own voice when it came to my creative work, my marketing, and my vision.

What can I help with?

Almost anything related to starting or running a small creative business, including:

Addressing creative challenges

Brainstorming income streams

Building a confident business

Carving a path through overwhelm

Clarifying your vision

Critiquing a body of artwork

Creating a customized marketing plan

Diversifying your income streams

Envisioning your creative future

Finding your creative niche

Mapping out a big project

Navigating a change in direction

Polishing a presentation

Reimagining your website

Refining an artist's statement

Setting priorities

Starting a creative business

Taking your work to the next level

Telling your creative story

What is it like to work with me?

I have a calm, insightful personality.

I’m comfortable, approachable, and great at listening and seeing the bigger picture. People often tell me I’m good at honing in on just what they need – they often have a “light bulb” moment where things suddenly click.

I'm focused on your success.

My goal is to help you gain clarity on what the work looks like, get comfortable with your abilities to tackle what lies ahead, and be confident so you can take control of your creative success.